STR4P (Acronym for Skeletal TRacking for Avatar Positioning), is a project that aims to transfer all user movements, including head, leg and arm movement, within Virtual Reality with a minimum of hardware.


This technology has two major advantages:

  • By seeing his limbs in the correct place in the simulation, the participant experiences less discrepancy between his proprioception (the innate awareness of the position of his limbs) and what he sees. This discrepancy is a well-known problem in the world of Virtual Reality because the nervous system transmits that what it sees is not real and this reduces immersion.
  • It allows the participant to see the other participants’ entire body, which increases safety and possible cooperation in the simulation.


STR4P is suitable for any person or company that works with VR and wants to increase the immersion of his or her participants or limit the material needed for VR.

Our short-term goal is to complete the development and validation of our current prototype, based on a stereoscopic camera and a standard PC.

In the long term, a transfer to simple standard cameras and a lightweight computing platforms is planned to further reduce system costs.